All Ears / All Play: Denis Gougeon

You and your students can participate in the largest celebration in the country in honor of one of our composers!

Throughout the year across the country, the 2013-14 SMCQ Homage Series pays tribute to composer Denis Gougeon with a multitude of activities featuring his music. Primary and secondary teachers are invited to join the movement by participating in the All Ears / All Play project with their students.

How? By learning about Denis Gougeon with these activities for students of all ages.


Primary students can sing Voler comme un oiseau composed especially for them by Denis Gougeon while secondary students can perform Chant de l’amitié, a piece for school band also composed especially for All Play. Other scores for children by Denis Gougeon are also available at the Canadian Music Centre in Quebec.


Inspired by his own technique, the composer suggests games in which students of all ages create music. Variations for young children as well as intermediate and advanced students are included in the teacher’s guide.


Music appreciation and critical analysis games designed around musical excerpts carefully chosen by the composer for multiple age groups are found in the teacher’s guide. A music CD and supporting videos are included in the kit.

The youth concerts, Le Piano muet, Les Fables de Lafontaine, and L’Arche will also be presented as part of the Homage Series and would make a wonderful field trip.

All students registered for All Ears / All Play will receive a free comic book about the life of the composer.

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In 2011-12, more than 19,000 children from Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick and British Columbia participated in All Ears / All Play featuring composer Ana Solokovic.

Teacher comments

“I must tell you how pleased my students were upon receiving the comic book about Ana. At the beginning of the year, I introduced them to André Mathieu and I thought it would be interesting for me and for them to finish the year with a female composer who has lots of imagination. Several students remembered receiving the comic book about Gilles Tremblay two years ago. This medium makes an impression on them. Ana is now part of our wall of composers and music history that the students see every week in music class. Thanks again.” — Marie-Martine, primary music specialist

“I am a secondary teacher and I did All Ears with my secondary 2 and 3 students. I really appreciated the thoroughness and quality of the materials. I was able to do a listening activity with visual support in class. I used the material prepared by an educational consultant. It provided ideas for student discussions. The document was well done. It is rare at the secondary level that we receive material adapted for our students with a realistic time-frame. The students were happy to receive the comic book. In short, I plan on participating next year and I think that it is important to be able to familiarize our students with local composers.” — Marie-Claude, secondary music specialist

“Thank you for everything. Our kids had such an amazing experience. They really loved the workshops and the concert. What an amazing experience for them. The teachers and parents loved it too by the way! Merci!” — Dara, primary music specialist

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