Émilie Girard-Charest

Laval, Québec, 1987

  • Composer
  • Performer (cello)

Cellist Emilie Girard-Charest stands out for her eclecticism. She is as involved with traditional classical music as she is with contemporary repertoires and interdisciplinary projects. She has been able to work with artists of every stripe, for example, with choreographer Andrew Tay, as well as the Instant, Éponyme and Émergence theatre companies, interdisciplinary artist Vicky Tansey, and publishers Poètes de Brousse. She has also worked with composers Frans Ben Callado, Jimmie Leblanc, Charles-Antoine Fréchette and Blaise Borboën-Léonard. With flautist Yuki Isami and harpsichordist Jean-Willy Kunz, in 2004 she founded the Allogène ensemble, a group with varying forces dedicated to mainly Baroque and contemporary music, as well as improvisation. Girard-Charest is continuing her education at the Montréal Conservatory under the supervision of Denis Brott.