Analía Llugdar

Santiago del Estero, Argentina, 1972

  • Composer

Born in Argentina, Analia Lugdar studied at the National University of Cordoba, Université Laval, and the Université de Montréal where she is currently completing a doctorate under the supervision of Denis Gougeon. A number of her works have been performed in Europe and Quebec, by groups such as NEM, ECM+, Duo Prémices, the Orchestre Symphonique de Laval, Trio Fibonacci, Alizé, and the Enfants Terribles. She represented Canada for the 52nd Tribune Internationale des Compositeurs (2006), and for World Music Days in both Zagreb (2005) and Hong Kong (2007). She recently won the Prix Québec-Flandre for contemporary music. Sensitive to contemporary human realities, Llugdar’s music is characterized by its detail to timbre and harmony that reveals both artistic commitment and a subtle critique of the world around her. While Llugdar’s message may be more evident in works that draw on literary texts, her more abstract works have a similar goal.