Éphémérides by Sandeep Bhagwati.

Éphémerides is thus at the same time an immersive experience — and an unrepeatable concert. The six musicians and the audience both wander through a space filled with music and light. The musicians communicate with each other through various types of interactive live scores (light score, audio score and matralab’s newly developed body:suit:score) and explore their own musical trajectories within a constantly evolving sonic environment co-created from their sounds by an artificial intelligence software. And each member of the audience, too, will follow their own, unforeseeable path through the sound and light constellations of this entrancing performance.



Coproduction MNM / Matralab (Université Concordia). Réalisée avec le soutien du CRSH, du CIRMMT-McGill, du GRMS (Groupe de Recherche en Médiatisation du Son) et d’Hexagram-UQAM

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