Trois airs pour un opéra imaginaire

  • March 5, 2008
    7:30 pm
Salle Pollack — Université McGill
555, rue Sherbrooke Ouest

Works by anonymous, Hindman, Ligeti, Nelson, Stewart, Vivier.

This concert highlights the relationship between Vivier’s moving Trois Airs pour un Opéra Imaginaire and a melodic style that often underlies the composer’s work: Gregorian chant. The invocation of Gregorian processionals, incantation, heightened melancholy, and invented language: all aspects of Vivier’s music that stand out when placed against the backdrop of a capella Gregorian chant, led by Dom Richard Gagné, Schola director of the abbeys of Solesmes (Sarthe, France) and later Saint-Benoît du Lac (Québec, Canada).

Also on the programme:

  • anonymous, Gregorian Chants (700)
    McGill Cappella Antica; Dom Richard Gagné



  • Ron Nelson, Passacaglia on B-a-c-h
    McGill Wind Symphony; Alain Cazes, conductor
  • soprano, two flutes, two clarinets, bass clarinet, horn, two percussions, two violins, viola, cello, and double bass
    McGill Contemporary Music Ensemble; Ingrid Schmithüsen, soprano; Denys Bouliane, conductor
  • Heather Hindman, The Long and the Short of It (2008)
    cello, two electronic controllers, and system
    Erika Donald, cello; Fernando Rocha, Tenor T-Stick; Xenia Pestova, Rulers
  • D Andrew Stewart, Sounds between our minds (2008)
    three electronic controllers, and system
    Erika Donald, soprano T-Stick; Fernando Rocha, tenor T-Stick ; Xenia Pestova, Rulers
  • anonymous, Messe de Saint-Hubert (700)
    Canadian premiere extract
    Ensemble Corno di Caccia; Denys Derome, conductor
  • György Ligeti, Hamburg Concerto
    McGill Contemporary Music Ensemble; Denys Bouliane, conductor; Denys Derome, French horn solo

Production McGill Schulich School of Music