Abonnement à la série montréalaise de la SMCQ

Il est également possible de s’abonner aux six concerts produits par la SMCQ, qui font tous partie de la Série hommage.

3 “Discovery” Packages

  • 3 to 5 concerts of your choice: 15% off the regular ticket price
  • 6 to 10 concerts of your choice: 25% off the regular ticket price (OSM: 15% off)
  • 11 or more concerts of your choice: 35% off the regular ticket price (OSM: 15% off)

Concerts ECM+ (November 10, 2009) & Ensemble Chorum (November 28, 2009): discount applies only to regular admission tickets.

Tickets may always be purchased at the door.

Discounts available only if all tickets for the selected package are purchased at the same time by phone: 514-843-9305.

Subscription to the Montreal Series from the SMCQ

It’s also possible to subscribe to the six concerts produced by the SMCQ, which are part of the Homage Series.