Thursday, October 20, 2011, 8:00 pm

Salle de concert — Conservatoire

4750, avenue Henri-Julien [métro Laurier / métro Mont-Royal], Montréal, Québec

Tickets: 514-873-4031 poste 313


  • Regular: $25.00
  • Senior: $15.00
  • Student: $10.00


Photo: Jacques Cabana.

On Video

Aventa Artistic Director William Linwood discusses the concert, and Rodney Sharman presents his work, 15m14s, October 10, 2011

Radio SMCQ: Tanzer Lieder

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Production SMCQ

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Attention: Not for the faint of heart! The Aventa ensemble of 15 musicians will challenge listeners to move from a state of contemplation (Géométrie sentimentale) to an euphoric vertigo (Voluptuous Panic) by way of sensuality and brightness evoking the music of Kafka’s era (Kafkapriccio). Extreme programming — Aventa gives full coverage!


  • Rodney Sharman, Elsewhereless (1998) (Atom Egoyan, libretto) (Montreal premiere) (extract)

    chamber orchestra

    Scene 4

  • Ana Sokolović, Tanzer Lieder (2004; arr. 2011) (Ana Sokolović, arrangement) (premiere)

    baritone, and chamber orchestra

  • Poul Ruders, KafKapriccio (2008)

    chamber orchestra

    • 1. Franz
    • 2. Felice
    • 3. Leni
    • 4. Josef
    • 5. The Execution
  • Paul Frehner, Voluptuous Panic (2011)

    chamber orchestra

    • 1. Escape Velocity
    • 2. Saltarello — Proxima Centauri
  • Rodney Sharman, Cabaret Songs (1998)

    baritone, and chamber orchestra

    • 1. Lovepain/Libesleid (2001)
    • 2. Wooden Shoes (2008)
    • 3. Au revoir, Maria Callas (2008)
  • Ana Sokolović, Géométrie sentimentale (1997)

    flute, oboe, clarinet in B flat, bassoon, horn, trumpet, trombone, percussion, piano, and string quintet

    Commission: ECM+, with support from the CCA

    • 1. triangle
    • 2. cercle
    • 3. carré

Hailing from British Columbia with a reputation for high quality performances and original repertoire choices, Aventa is one of Canada’s most respected contemporary music ensembles.

Composing in the Present!

The SMCQ has been moving in step with the lively rhythms of new music for almost fifty years. With its regular concert season, its Série hommage (Homage Series), an international festival, and a young listener’s programme, the society has served both as a platform for today’s composers and as a window on creative works for everyone.

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