Discover composer Ana Sokolović’s uncommon journey, from her childhood in Belgrade to her arrival as a respected Montréal major composer. Youth author Marie Décary and illustrator Élisabeth Eudes-Pascal reunite to allow readers to discover-in an absolutely unique style-a roving, adventurous and above all, playful Ana Sokolović, for whom, “imagination is the most important thing in life.”

The launch of this comic book, with 25,000 copies printed by the SMCQ, will take place in November, 2011 during the annual conference of the Fédération des associations de musiciens éducateurs du Québec in Montreal. It will later be distributed free of charge to all students involved in the Grand Jeu / Grande écoute project.

Composing in the Present!

The SMCQ has been moving in step with the lively rhythms of new music for almost fifty years. With its regular concert season, its Série hommage (Homage Series), an international festival, and a young listener’s programme, the society has served both as a platform for today’s composers and as a window on creative works for everyone.

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