Concert 177

  • December 3, 1987
Église de l’Immaculée-Conception
4201, avenue Papineau (angle Rachel Est)

Works by Boesmans, Machaut, Tremblay, Webern.



  • Guillaume de Machaut, Hocquetus David (1360; orch. 1987) (Gilles Tremblay, orchestration)
    two oboes, two trumpets, tenor trombone and three percussions
  • Anton Webern, Five Canons, op 16 (1924-25)
    soprano, clarinet and bass clarinet
  • Anton Webern, Five Sacred Songs, op 15 (1917-22)
    soprano, flute, clarinet (and bass clarinet), trumpet, harp, violin and viola
  • Guillaume de Machaut, Kyrie (orch. 1987), extract from Notre Dame Mass (1360; orch. 1987) (Gilles Tremblay, orchestration)
  • Philippe Boesmans, Fanfare II (1972)
  • mixed choir, solo soprano, three flutes (and piccolo), oboe, English horn, two trumpets, trombone, three percussion instruments, positive organ, and double bass
    • 1. Envol
    • 2. Les Vêpres
    • 3. Respons et Magnificat