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Gilles Tremblay sur toutes les scènes

La SMCQ vous offre cette année une saison entièrement façonnée autour du compositeur au cœur de la Série Hommage 2009-10. Six concerts pour le découvrir aux côtés de ses compagnons de route (Claude Vivier, Yves Daoust, Walter Boudreau…), avec en grande première des œuvres composées en son honneur par certains de ses anciens élèves (Jean Lesage, Estelle Lemire, Michel Gonneville): avec la SMCQ, ce portrait d’un compositeur qui a «fait» notre histoire prend l’allure d’un panorama de la musique d’ici.

Radio SMCQ: SMCQ Concerts

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This Season’s Concerts

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The SMCQ 44th season in facts and figures

  • This year, thanks to the Série Hommage / Tribute Series initiative, nearly 39,000 people have heard at least one Gilles Tremblay work;
  • Among them, we can include 14,215 children across the province through the Grand jeu / Grande écoute project;
  • The SMCQ Montreal Series alone, attracted 1495 people;
  • The SMCQ Jeunesse performance La fugue and its preparatory workshops reached an audience of 7629 children;
  • All projects totaled, the SMCQ Jeunesse audience, has surpassed the 25,000!

News posted by Noémie Pascal (translation: Peggy Niloff) on Monday, July 5, 2010

Pictures of our Season

Pictures of our last two events — concert Transcouleurs and the conference in honour of the 10th anniversary of the Millenium Symphony — are now available on our Facebook page. You’ll also find a few photos of Walter Boudreau during his trip to Mexico in early June… among other things! Indeed, we finish the year with no less than 13 photo albums to visualize in a few snaps our colourful 2009-10 season. Check it out!

News posted by Noémie Pascal (translation: Claire Cavanagh) on Thursday, June 10, 2010

Don’t miss our next concert

This Friday, May 28th, Transmission Ensemble will be playing gems of the contemporary music repertoire. Catch a glimpse of this event and watch our latest clip where pianist Brigitte Poulin comments each piece of the program.

Transcouleurs, 9m57s, May 2010
Directed by Pierre Saint-Amand

News posted by Noémie Pascal on Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Composing in the Present!

The SMCQ has been moving in step with the lively rhythms of new music for almost fifty years. With its regular concert season, its Série hommage (Homage Series), an international festival, and a young listener’s programme, the society has served both as a platform for today’s composers and as a window on creative works for everyone.

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