Thursday, April 15, 2010, 7:00 pm

Église de l’Immaculée-Conception

4201, avenue Papineau (angle Rachel Est) [métro Mont-Royal], Montréal, Québec

Info: 514-526-5961


  • Regular: $25.00
  • Senior: $12.50
  • Student: $10.00
  • Tickets: 514-843-9305 (SMCQ)

Stained-glass, Notre-Dame de la Belle Verrière, Chartres (France)

Photo: M Gauthier.

On Video

Marie-Thérèse Lefebvre discusses Gilles Tremblay’s work Les Vêpres de la Vierge, 9m57s, 2010

Radio SMCQ: Les Vêpres de la Vierge

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A beacon beckons: Gilles Tremblay’s flagship work Les Vêpres de la Vierge will be presented alongside sixteenth-century sacred polyphonic music. Hundreds of years and thousands of miles separate these works, and yet they emit the same welcoming light, the same mystical vocal beauty that is also found in Gregorian chant. For Tremblay, Gregorian chant constituted, “beauty that transcends time, and retains its flowing life force now more than ever…” A veritable institution for new music in North America, for this event the SMCQ has teamed up with SMAM, renowned as the most outstanding early music ensemble from Montreal.


Composing in the Present!

The SMCQ has been moving in step with the lively rhythms of new music for almost fifty years. With its regular concert season, its Série hommage (Homage Series), an international festival, and a young listener’s programme, the society has served both as a platform for today’s composers and as a window on creative works for everyone.

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