Trois rêves d’oiseau (1963-71)

François Bayle

stereo fixed medium

Premiere: February 6, 1972, Concert, Musée Guimet (Paris, France)

Moqueur is a remix of the third piece in Portraits de l’Oiseau-qui-n’existe-pas (No. 15 - 1963), originally intended to accompany moving images by painter Robert Lapoujade. It is “vintage” work, from the archive of my early efforts—my very first piece! Instrumental figures written “for the microphone” (that is, for the foreground) are pushed, broken, propelled in voluble clusters, incorporating real and electronic bird songs, laughter and accents. The scene moves forward in rebounding forms and coloured markings that fuse together before they burst apart in tumbling cascades.

Triste follows, with its juxtaposition of slow, dark trajectories to irritated chatter, using a “hands on” technique directly on the turn table—a few decades prior to the methods of modern DJs! The ensemble finds balance in the third dream, Zen, serene and silvery, where a harmonic tremolo provides a platform for unreal dreams of a Brazilian bird, which announces a peaceful death (this moment was taken from Expérience Acoustique, No. 10).

François Bayle