You and your students can participate in the largest celebration in the country in honor of one of our composers!

Throughout the year across the country, the 2015-2016 SMCQ Homage Series pays tribute to composer John Rea with a multitude of activities featuring his music. Primary and secondary teachers are invited to join the movement by participating in the All Ears / All Play project with their students.

How? By doing music appreciation, creation and performance activities in class with the free educational kit offered upon subscription (Tools are free. Only handling charges ($30) and Canada Post mailing fees may be charged).

By subscribing to the All Ears / All Play project you will receive:

  • "Pincer, penser, chanter" music score by John Rea
  • A comic book John Rea or the composer’s secret (one per student)
  • CD with audio excerpts of selected works
  • DVD including 4 video clips with the composer
  • Teacher’s guide including several activities for different levels

We are proud to have the Commission scolaire de Montréal as partner of our educational projects.

Other available documents

  • "Danser avec la gravité" score for secondary school band is available at the Canadian Music Centre — Certain fees apply.

Past series (certain resources are still available)

  • Denis Gougeon (2013-14)
  • Ana Sokolović (2011-12)
  • Gilles Tremblay (2009-10)
  • Claude Vivier (2007-08)

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