A musical creation tool for everyone!

Unveiled in 2005, the Musicolateur I is a digital instrument for creating music. Its purpose is to develop the imagination and sound conception in various contexts:

  • primary and secondary classes (it provides an original and creative educational experience that meets the criteria for Competencies 1 and 2 of the music curriculum: invent or create music and musical performance)
  • daycare centres
  • cultural centres
  • businesses, etc.

Group composition

Using the Musicolateur I is simple and clear. No previous musical knowledge is necessary. The participant creates his or her own sounds, then explores and transforms them using powerful application tools according to a creative project proposed by the facilitator or developed by the group. The composers-in-training examine their creations and those of others, reach a consensus about the collective project, and finally, put it into action. The Musicolateur I is also a chamber music instrument, having its own musicality that one must learn to master. It combines creation, performance, and other skills (ear training, imagery development, listening to and respect for others, the ability to defend one’s ideas…).

We come to you!

Musical creation workshops led by a qualified SMCQ facilitator are available by request. The facilitator’s fees could be paid by the Culture in the Schools program.