From the end of the 1950s, the composer and director Pierre Mercure actively promoted music and contemporary arts. In 1961, he produced the Semaine internationale de musique actuelle (International Week of Today’s Music), which caused a sensation in the musical community. Building on this success, he commits himself to building an organization dedicated to musical creation.

  • Language: French
  • Episode duration: 18:45
  • Date added: January 14, 2021

Works heard

Persons mentioned


  • Animation: Lorraine Pintal
  • Chronique, recherche: Réjean Beaucage
  • Voix: Jean-François Casabonne, Guy Nadon
  • Technique: Philippe Bouvrette
  • Conseiller à la réalisation: Laurent Major
  • Réalisation: Christian O’Leary
  • Idée originale: Marie Décary
  • Diffusion: Magnéto
  • Production: SMCQ sous la direction artistique de Walter Boudreau, 2021