Since 2007, every two years, the SMCQ honours a Québec composer by inviting the cultural and educational circles to feature this artist’s music in their season. Each edition, more than 200 concerts and activities reach around 40,000 people, young and old.

  • Language: French
  • Episode duration: 41:28
  • Date added: March 15, 2022

Works heard

Persons mentioned


  • Animation: Lorraine Pintal
  • Chronique, recherche: Réjean Beaucage
  • Technique: Philippe Bouvrette
  • Conseiller à la réalisation: Laurent Major
  • Réalisation: Christian O’Leary
  • Idée originale: Marie Décary
  • Diffusion: Magnéto
  • Production: SMCQ sous la direction artistique de Walter Boudreau, 2021