Pierre-Péladeau Centre
300, boul. de Maisonneuve Est, Mtl

Alongside concerts, conferences, master classes and meetings of all kinds, MNM festival proposes this year a youth-oriented programme. Several activities put the very young creators and interpreters in the lime light. Let’s underline MNM’s collaboration with the Conservatoire de Montréal and the François-Joseph Perrault School for the production of La Symphonie des elements, in which over 85 young performers will join their skills in this great event set up by Espaces Sonores Illimités.

Then, on midday at the Salon MNM of the Centre Pierre-Peladeau, MNM makes room for the young and daring musicians of the Montreal surroundings schools, who will not hesitate to take by storm contemporary music.

With the enthusiasm and the ardour typical of their age, these students will interpret works of Edward Elgar, Arvo Pärt, Clermont Pépin, Ann Southam, Suzanne Tremblay and even Jimi Hendrix… among others!

MNM will also present, in “pre-premiere”, a special and funny machine for composing music, the Musicolateur. This machine, which is at the state-of-the-art musical technology and whose first designation was more descriptively “the musical table”, has been imagined by the composer Yves Daoust.

In a very simple way and with only two fingers, this astonishing instrument of musical creation allows to play with sophisticated sounds so that you can generate incredible universes. Come arouse your composer’s skills!