Tehran (Iran)
Composer • Performer

Navid Navab, born and raised in Tehran (IR), is a montreal-based media alchemist, tabletop cosmologist, antidisciplinary composer, and audiovisual sculptor, who investigates the form-giving potential of chaotic material processes, in search of collaborative ethos for playful sense-making with ecological indeterminacies. Interested in the poetics of schizo-phonia, gesture, and materiality, for over a decade, Navab has been composing multi-sensory experiences, entangling humans, machines and materialities both in-situ and in concert, in ways that enable critical engagement with excitable matters-of-process. Navab’s artworks, which take on the form of gestural sound compositions, responsive architecture, site specific interventions, participatory environments, and kinetic sculptures, have been presented internationally at festivals such as Ars Electronica (AT), Kapelica Gallery (SL), device_art triennial (HR), NEMO Biennale (FR), Sonica Biennale (BG), Eufònic(ES), Canadian Center for Architecture (CA), Japan Society (US), Contemporary Arts Museum Houston (US), ISEA (SP, CA), milanOltre (IT), HKW (DE), Mios Multi (CA), Kiblix (SL), Guelph Jazz (CA), eArts (CH), CCRMA (US), and FIMAV (CA).