Montréal (Québec), 2007
Performer (ensemble)

With roots firmly planted in the major classics that formed the percussion ensemble genre of the 20th Century, today Sixtrum embarks in an unbridled exploration of contemporary percussion. Made up of virtuosic and multi-talented performers, Sixtrum renews its artistic universe through constant confrontation with other art forms and other musical genres. Every collaboration aims to investigate new forms of expression and new modes of presentation that will form new links between music, musicians and audience. Striving for excellence and the thrill of discovery are key motivators as Sixtrum aims to become a reference in the percussion world of tomorrow. Whether in concert, spectacle, workshop or discussion, when Sixtrum takes the stage, it is to share a passion for creation, experimentation, and percussion. Sixtrum’s music is ideal for the curious listener of any age.