Montréal (Québec), 1998
Performer (ensemble)
Julie-Anne Derome, Steven Massicotte, Gabriel Prynn

Trio Fibonacci made its first appearance on the Canadian music scene in 1998, with the press reporting that “to hear them is to enter into the world of miracles” (Le Devoir, Montréal). The Trio Fibonacci has been guided by some of the world’s most respected chamber musicians, including Menahem Pressler (Beaux Arts Trio) and the Alban Berg Quartet. The group has enjoyed a brilliant career in Montréal and internationally, with tours taking them to Europe, America and Asia. It remains one of the world’s only piano trios noted as much for its virtuosic and inspired readings of contemporary music as for its passionate and eloquent interpretations of classical and romantic works. Since its inception, it has premiered more than 50 works by Canadian composers and has collaborated with many renowned figures including Pascal Dusapin, Henri Pousseur, Mauricio Kagel and Jonathan Harvey. Performers: Julie-Anne Derome (violin), Gabriel Prynn (cello) and Meagan Milatz (piano).