Grodno (Belarus)
Composer • Visual artist

Yuliya Zakharava was born in Grodno, Belarus. At an early age, she developed her passion for music. Yuliya began playing the piano when she was six and composed music at the age of eight. After studying with renowned composer Dmitry Smolsky, Yuliya relocated to Canada where she acquired her master’s degree in composition under the direction of Ana Sokolović́. Yuliya was selected as Resident Composer of the Montréal Contemporary Dance School in 2014 and 2015. Upon completing a project in collaboration with the Société Radio Canada (ICI Musique) in spring 2015, Yuliya won the first prize of the University of Montréal Orchestra Competition. In autumn 2015, she became a D.É.P.A. (diplôme d’études professionnelles approfondies) scholarship winner. Her catalog contains numerous compositions for orchestra, chamber orchestra, string quartet, wind quintet, organ, several bands, solo pieces as well as contemporary dance music.