Here, to discover every day until May 18th, the 13 poems by Sandeep Bhagwati who inspired his lastest creation Niemandslandhymnen.

VII — Radiations

What once was intimate now must evaporate,
What once was close abandons now its hold on things
What once was rooted is now forced to emigrate

What once was live is now a stream of bytes that sings
What once was fresh has now grown tired and stale
What once was passion now feels more like serial flings

What once was optimistic now expects to fail
What once was venial sin now may not be forgiven
And what was trivial once now qualifies as tale.

The words we spoke once have been dried and scriven [1]
And those we loved once are alone now, far afield
Across an arborescent globe, dispersed and driven.

  1. written

VIII — Networks

Across an arborescent globe, dispersed and driven
By random walks as much as by alert decision,
We trace our routes by life events. Our secrets shriven [1],

We mince our words to ferret out arcane elision:
One hyphen dropped or one emoji uncongealed
Make all the difference between ’likes’ — and derision.

As servers spread their boughs outwards to increase yield,
Sneak roots in crannies where long tails proliferate,
Nodes overload, their tentacles unzealed

By µνεµοπιθοι [2] where forsaken thoughts coagulate
To thwart those clickbait yarns — fain [3] wrong ’n tawdry — which,
By greed or lust, we hasten to disseminate…

  1. confessed
  2. "mnemopithoi": pseudo-ancient Greek for ’memory storage’.
  3. cheerfully

News posted on Sunday, May 14, 2017.