2 violins

Premiere: January 1995, Milan Milisavljevic, Mariusz Monczak, violin • Cercle des étudiants compositeurs de l’Université de Montréal (CÉCO), Salle Claude-Champagne — Université de Montréal, Montréal (Québec)

To Zeljko Avdalovic, my friend and colleague, who died accidentally at the beginning of his career.

Ambient V has five movements of unequal length:

  1. Anxiety — Condition I
  2. Progress — Process I
  3. Spleen — Condition II
  4. Décadence — Process II
  5. Stasis — Condition III

In Ambient V, I have tried to illustrate conditions and processes. Each condition consists of quite repetitive and static elements. Conditions lacking in any evolution are observed. However, the processes contain an evolutionary dynamic tending towards one objective: an “itinerary” from one point to another. The listener witnesses an unfolding of the process and its transformations.

Each movement in Ambient V is presented as a separate microcosm. However, from one movement to the next, we find similar material, sporadic recalls, fleeting allusions to the other movements which combine to give adhesion to entire work. There are references of a modal, rhythmic or intervallic nature.

  • Recording: CD: SNE 639