Port Hardy (Colombie-Britannique, Canada), 1972

Anna’s recent premieres include: the ensemble work Ghosts of Swallows, performed by both Esprit Orchestra and Continuum Ensemble (2010), the collaboration Moment Forum (with Dylan Robinson and David Cecchetto), a three-hour interactive performance installation that explored ideas of the musical moment which was presented in Canada and England (2009); the flute concerto Trace the Gold Sun (2008), written for Mark McGregor and the Victoria Symphony; and the orchestra piece Snow Variations, performed at the Victoria New Currents Festival 2009. From 2005-08, she was the resident composer of the Victoria Symphony Orchestra during which time her opera What Time is it Now? with libretto by PK Page was performed and broadcast by CBC Radio Two.

Trumpetress Amy Horvey commissioned Anna for a solo piece about the female trumpet legend Edna White (1891-1992); this piece entitled Interview, was subsequently performed throughout Canada and Europe, and is featured on Amy’s album entitled Interview (Malasartes Musique). In 2009, Exquisite Corpse (a collaboration with composers Marci Rabe and Kristi Farkas), was performed in Toronto by Contact Contemporary Ensemble; Divertissement, for spatialized flute choir, was performed at both the Sinclair Centre Atrium and Christ Church Cathedral in Vancouver by the Redshift Ensemble; What her Friend Said, on text by Kollan Arrici/Anna Höstman, was commissioned by Cathy Fern Lewis for the Voice +++ Festival.

Anna is currently pursuing doctoral studies in the composition program at the University of Toronto. She has studied with Christopher Butterfield, John Celona, Gary Kulesha, Gordon Mumma and James Rolfe.

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