Interprète (ensemble)

Shalabi Effect began in 1996 as a duo composed of Anthony Seck and Sam Shalabi. The duo played around town for a couple of years and released a cassette recording. In 1998 Shalabi Effect added Alexandre St-Onge on double bass and Will Eizlini on tablas. That year Aural Florida was recorded at Red Rocket Studios in Montréal, and was originally slated to be a “side” of a split CD produced by Alien8 Recordings. Nearing Y2K, Shalabi Effect recorded for a second time at Sound Of One Hand studios in Ottawa, and by July 2000 had released Shalabi Effect/st, which incorporated a remixed version of Aural Florida embedded among the 131 minutes. Shalabi Effect/st continues in the tradition of live improvisation based on Middle Eastern modes but Shalabi Effect’s approach has become more experimental with the inclusion of strange semi broken electronics and a variety of odd instruments—most of which happened to be lying around in the studio where it was recorded.

Returning from Touring the USA in the Fall of 2000, the group stopped into the studio for the third time. This time with a mind to create an EP release that captured the mood of the tour. In fact the EP, entitled, The Trial of Saint Orange (and no it has nothing to do with St-Onge), has a great deal more varied material, including a drum-n-bass mix. The Album is set to be released in September.